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Cashmere & Wool

Our cashmere and wool knitwear is designed and manufactured using the finest, softest yarn. It will last the test of time with the right care. Don’t wash your knitwear after every use; instead, lightly brush your garment and hang it in a steamy bathroom to give it a quick refresh.

To maintain your garment’s quality, we strictly recommend dry cleaning only. Once cleaned, fold your cashmere and wool knitwear and store them in a cool, dry place. Don’t hang it; over time, gravity may cause the garment to stretch.

Being natural fibres, knitwear made with these yarns may pill with wear. This is not a sign of poor quality—quite the opposite; the more natural and soft the fibre, the more likely it is to pill. To keep your knit looking brand new, we recommend a de-pilling tool such as a cashmere comb or a high-quality electric pilling tool. Be mindful when using such tools, taking care to run only along the top surface without applying pressure or pushing too hard on the garment.

Do not tumble dry. Exposing garments to lengthy periods of heat at high temperatures damages fibres and shrinks garments. Always refer to your garment’s label for precise care instructions.